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People Development

Open Workshops

Customer interaction, service and satisfaction are the primary building blocks of sales growth in any industry category. As a pedestal for a successful business, customer service is key to increasing product sales, thereby, profitability of an enterprise. Understanding customer behaviour and learning a customer-dedicated approach boosts confidence as well as performance in employees. For example, in a customer-facing sales environment, a friendly greeting and effective delivery of information will facilitate customer retention and will go a long way in converting a sales lead.

Teampace’s People Development Program is tailor-made for each organisation. With its Open Workshops, the academy assesses the existing skill-set, knowledge and performance of employees and provides an experiential environment to simulate real-world situations. TEAMPACE team creates content for training modules with core focus on sales personnel and furnishes interactive programs with quality and efficiency.
Teampace’s workshops are designed for participants interested in upgrading their selling skills. Attendees go through theory classes as well as vibrant, activity-oriented sessions where their skills are put to test in mock exercises. Suited to SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) category sales personnel, these workshops help the participants understand the following –

• Analysing the customer buying cycle
• How to help the customer make a suitable decision
• Handling customer telephone calls and generating interest
• Developing skills to help the sales force achieve targets

Category Programs

Several industries thrive on the capability of their sales force in convincing customers to choose
endorsed products, solutions or services. Some of these sectors are Hospitality, Clothing and Retail,
Construction, Jewellery etc. Maintaining good customer relationship is a significant task for these
companies. Through several channels of interaction such as face-to-face, email, telephone and letters
and with the advent of social media, customers can now provide public or private feedback which
plays a pivotal role in company strategy and customer loyalty.

TEAMPACE identifies the shortcomings in the sales staff of the organisation of these Categories and
develops customised training programs to deliver industry specific Category Programs for sales
promoter skill development. Category Programs cater to personalised sales team training and are
designed to equip the sales team to help the customer make a decision. Attendees are educated on the
importance of customer interaction through –

• Customer management training
• Communication training
• Negotiation skills workshop

The main Categories TEAMPACE caters to are:
• Jewellery
• Hospitality
• Construction
• Retail Sector

Category Program sessions are devoted to employees belonging to a particular industry and is focused
on developing specific skill-sets like –
• identifying the basic need of the customer
• providing the ideal suggestion with patience and positivity
• speaking to the customer about pros and cons of a product
• attending to the customer at all times
• and finally, converting the sale with an effective close

Student Development Program

Crores of students finish university every year in India. With aspirations and ambitions, they head into the highly competitive world of business, looking to work in an industry of their choice. The biggest challenge these dynamic individuals face is the INTERVIEW process. Today’s Interview processes and methods have kept pace with the market changes and it’s up to the candidate to make himself employable.

A lot of them face failure due to lack of preparation, confidence, presentation etc. Such a momentous period in one’s career requires a careful thought process with guidance, understanding and awareness. All organisations have huge emphasis on their recruitment programs. By employing subject matter experts and a thorough screening process, a company recruits high-calibre students from a swarm of applicants.

TEAMPACE’s Student Development Program is a training activity that targets final year students and provides them a deeper insight into industry requirements. Under TEAMPACE’s experienced trainers, these students are prepared for candidacy through various sessions that create awareness about their impression and also share knowledge on their skill-sets and attributes. This interview management program is vital for every student aiming to successfully convert an interview with confidence. Sessions are developed with core focus on –

• Communication
• Preparation
• Presentation
• Confidence and self-assurance

TEAMPACE’s Student Development Program facilitates a student’s performance in business interviews, group discussions and presentations by assessing fundamental qualities such as language and interview attire. The students are educated with topics on thought and preparation and are furnished with attributes of decision-making, employability and work ethic.

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